A Global Community


Elba“My first real encounter with shamanism was when I was asked by a friend to be a part of a Women’s Sweat Lodge. I had no idea of what I was in for. What has followed in the wake of that profound experience has been a five year journey into possibility. Through my work with Mary Standing Otter both within Otter Lodge and through personal ceremony, I have found a path that had not previously been available to me. It is a path that has helped me to reveal and understand the truth of my personal journey, bringing me an enormous amount of healing and peace. Through a lot of intensely honest and emotional work I have been able to finally work through many years of emotional pain and trauma.” ~Bethany, hair stylist, artist, authorMelissa

“Life as a woman working full time, raising children, and trying to keep up with housecleaning chores can be overwhelming.  It feels like way too much, and there are many days when your mind and body want to just shut down, but you keep going because society expects it of you.  It can be a road to inner disease and destruction, or you can wake up and listen to the inner voice that brings healing and light.  Otter Lodge over the past 8 years has been a place of refuge, a place to assist in the search for the inner healing and light, and as it turns out, an incredible journey.  It has been the most valuable of all gifts – time for spiritual reflection and growth.  The sisters have been there for JHBWitchesme through many experiences of sadness and joy.  Most of all, I have opened up to the Divine Spirit (God, a higher power, whatever you want to call it) in ways I never thought possible. I have stepped out of comfort zones and accomplished things I never thought I could.  I am eternally grateful to Mary and the the other sisters for their love and acceptance.” ~Shelley, child care center director and musician

rearview“Women are powerful alone but it is in community that our fullest Light can shine and act as a beacon, calling all humanity home.”  ~Mary Standing Otter, ceremonialist, shamanic practitioner and elder

“Having been a part of [Otter Lodge] our Sisterhood Circle for several years I can say that these Circles offer great possibility for healing and expansion of your world view. Mary’s knowledge of Ceremonial Alchemy has made it so much more than a “support group” or any spiritual group I have beenJoni part of. My life has changed in so many ways for the better since becoming a part of a Sisterhood Circle. I am stronger, wiser, spiritually richer and kinder.” ~Joni Red Rock Dreaming, office manager, animal health advocate


“As I begin to understand more about how imporant it is to me, to have a community of others to share, learn and grow with, I am honored to have met Standing Otter who provides this. Cassie, Body Worker/Healer

CassieDespite my all my rather lengthy studies in psychology personally the most powerfull and lasting healing in my life has come from the shamanic way. This ancient wisdom in so many aspects far excedes the wisdom of psychological training which is more academic than anything else! Thanks for all thebirdie notes , its so exciting ! ~Joanne Medicine Gate

“Otter Lodge has helped me to give up the fears caused by my traumatic past, to kn227156_10150172629271479_6214653_now unconditional love, to give unconditional love. To celebrate ceremony instead of fearing it, to celebrate my uniqueness, my spirit, my soul, my woman wholeness, wondrous, life!” ~Pat, inter-office communications specialist

Thank you Mary – the workshop was beautiful! We already miss you and look forward to having you back to do the next one. ~Gloria- Cape Town, South Aftrica

Thank you so much for the workshop – it was amazing! This is just the beginning of joining sisters all over the world! ~Gerri – Cape Town, South Africa

(4)“It is a wonderful feeling knowing I am held in such warmth, beauty and love. To my sisters although our meeting short I am in awe of how much peace and strength your presence gives me daily. ThankAmiee you :)” – Cezanne Journey Bear – Cape Town, So Africa


NOTICE: these are random photos of Otter Lodge Sisters, Sisters In Circles workshops and Hummingbird School participants – they are not necessarily the people who have posted quotes.