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This page is not a blog of course but it is a place for sharing newsboldhorsepainting2 and other things that will be updated on a regular basis. The most recent posts are at the top. I hope you enjoy it. ~mary standing otter

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Listen To The Worlds of GrandMother

Trees talk. They not only talk, they sing. Like a choir they ride the rise and fall of chords on the wind. They sing great masterpieces written by the sylvan equivalents of Mozart or Bach or the B52’s.

I love to listen for each individual voice, pick out the moaners and screamers and get the feel of the sedate older trees that hold the undertones, the bagpipe drones, the solid notes.

I wait for the wind to come and open my voice, to activate my dreams, to blow away the dreams of others that contaminate my ability to hear my own inner Bach or B52’s.

If I listen well, if I listen too long I get carried off in the knowing that each leaf is a voice and I am listening to millions. The sound of the wind and trees communing with each other becomes intimate and even erotic. I am in the place where words no longer matter and tree talk is much sweeter than anything I have to say.


  • Hello All! I am just resurfacing from my jet lag. South Africa was a roller coaster of fun, laughter and very powerful Medicine. The sisterhood in JHB grows stronger and those who danced the Eagle Spirit Dance set powerful Intentions for their lives opened strong gateways for Healing.
    atBot:VanessaWe also were able to share ceremony with some of the children of Botshabelo orphange/villiage. They helped with the water ceremony in the Eagle Spirit Dance and were able to have a delicious lunch and a swim. At our visit the following week they were still singing a song we had danced to for them as we sent them our Prayers.
    Great joy. Great beauty. Great effort. Limitless potential!

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On ‘romantic’ love:

Love is a natural state of being and a force of nature. As we become more ourselves and more in harmony with our natural state we are able to fill more and more with love. What we call relationship is the choice to channel or focus our love at a particular person and to build intimacy within that state of loving. Love is something we give, not something we receive from other humans. When we spend time with someone we have built that intimacy with it triggers our own self love. We see ourselves through the eyes of another and what we see is a loving giving being. The sense of joining and deep satisfaction we feel is the courageous choice we are making together to keep loving and to remain open to each other. Love is a choice. When you decide you want a higher form of love than you had in the past then you must become what you seek. Then your heart and wise self will guide you to a worthy partner, one brave enough to make the journey with you. I think it is very rare that one person will meet all our needs in our journey to love for an entire lifetime. But we will always have the journey itself.

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Today in preparation for ceremony I am being reminded that with all the chaos surrounding elements+smallerus at this time of great Changes it becomes even more important to stay grounded in the basics, in the elements, in the earth, air, water and fire.

When you walk, FEEL the earth beneath you, turn your face into the sunlight and drink deep. When you are thirsty, take the time to taste the subtle and essential water that fills your mouth. When you breath, know that each breath is sacred and mirrors all that you give and all that you receive day after day.

Holding on with your hands will make you rigid and sap your strength. Let go. Feel your own center instead. Stay connected to your heart and centered in your belly. And if you must hold onto something, reach out to someone who is frightened or reeling or lost and know your own strength by recognizing all that you have to offer them.

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The Ancestors Beings can be a gateway to All Things. Their bodies have become the earth, the trees, our food. Feel their breath as the wind blows passed your cheek. Feel their strength as the sound and solid ground you are sitting on. Hear their voice in birds calling. The Ancestors are always there, willing to be called upon, willing to guide you, willing to wrap you in the warm trade blankets of your many lives…


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For reasons of their own, people will feel the need to tell you who you are andSnailWmn remind you of how far you have to go. They want to be certain you remember you are ‘only human’. I say: you can remember who you are. Only you know where you have been and how far you have traveled. You carry all the lessons of your life with you. Your experiences are not your burden, they are your home and they offer you wisdom, strength and shelter.


S I C“Coming together in Sisterhood is a spiritual practice, not a religion or a political strategy. Leave those things behind, at least for a time, and step into a primal relationship; one that has existed long before any religious doctrine or party line.
Women in a circle; teaching each other, learning from each other, challenging each other, supporting each other, laughing, crying, telling their stories…
These things are as old as time and Sacred beyond measure.These things create the springboard from which women leap into Life.
These things create the world and can re-create it, again and again.” ~m standing otter



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