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Standing Otter

Mary Standing Otter (Gogo Ella) is a medicine woman and ceremonial alchemist in The Medicine PromoPictureWheel Way of the Twisted Hairs. She has walked this Path for over 25 years and has crossed through her Rite Of Passage as an Elder.



Mary travels the world helping women to create strong sisterhood circles rooted in spiritual integrity and empowerment. She also is the facilitator and Medicine Guide for the Hummingbird (Mystery) School and offers various workshops and ceremonies for men and women. She is a Sacred Pipe Carrier and Purification Lodge Chief. As a Healer and Dreamer, Mary’s focus is on ‘holding powerful space’ for healing and growth that happens in the teachings and ceremony she shares. Her work is designed to help each person learn to heal themselves and become centered, loving, responsible Beings.



“My Medicine learning began in the Purification Lodge. I attended my first Lodge shortly after my first child died at birth. It was a cold pristine winter night and the snowflakes all seemed like tiny bites of majick that could heal my torn soul. It was 1987 and I was 26 years old.




In the years since then I trained with several teachers. Some were benevolent & helpful, others were caustic and abusive of their position. I learned from all of them. I learned from everything. Learning made the difficult times worth something. I was too stubborn to suffer for nothing and not yet wise enough to end the suffering. I trained for about 15 years. I have walked this Path for 28 years.




The Mother Lodge is my Teacher now. She is teaching me to end my suffering and create a sanctuary for Others to end their own.”




Mary Standing Otter’s dream is to help rebuild community through the reclamation of ceremony and spiritual connection.


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Make Me An Oak Tree


Great Mother,
I pray to become a sword,
named Doubt-Slayer,
named Fear-Killer.
I pray to become
the standing rock
the bursting seed
the bleeding heart
the crystal skull
the medicine pipe.
Great Mother,
make me an Oak Tree.
Rooted in your moist decay
and grainy black heart
of abundant Life
down to Fire.

Great Mother,
Make me an Oak Tree.
Branches rising and feeding
every leaf
as it journeys to Light
to dance
to flame
and to die.

Great Mother,
Make me an Oak Tree
that bridges
Earth and Sky,
grounding and flight,
body and heart,
heart and mind,
mind and spirit,
ancient-wise and infant-green.

Great Mother,
make me an Oak Tree.

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