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Sisters In Circles – a workshop series for women


Sisters in Circles is a series of four workshops designed to assist women in awakening and harnessing the power of their Being to form a group for women or a Sisterhood Circle.

Sisters In Circles workshops can be done anywhere. We will travel to you. All you need do is gather a group of women willing to open their minds and hearts to experience Sisterhood and a fuller Awakening of Self.

Using shamanic and alchemical techniques and guided by a ceremonialist and shamanic practitioner we will journey together into the deep inner reserve of Knowing that guides all women who are willing to Hear. The workshops all include teachings as well as experiential and ceremonial elements. Each of the four weekends help form the foundation for sisterhood but each Circle will primarily be defined by the women who participate in it. Each Circle will be unique.

This program is not limited to any lineage, tradition or spiritual path.

Coming together in Sisterhood is a spiritual practice, not a religion.

It is time for women to understand that as Keepers of The Great Round Vision and as Transformers of Energy that our role on this sweet earth is vital, our mission is holy and our responsibility is real. We understand these things better when we come together and help one another.

Sisters In Circles workshops offer experiences and techniques that have evolved over 20 years and are based on ancient knowledge. They have proven to be very successful in helping begin a new group or empower an existing group to accomplish a light year’s worth of experience in one year’s time. The bonding and growth that happens through this process will catapult your group to a new level, forming a Women’s Circle that will LAST.

 With leadership, focus and compassion a Sisterhood Circle can eventually become an energetic entity itself and can function as an Elder or GrandMother to the women who participate in it. Then, through the love, support and guidance of a Sisterhood Circle, we can Become the Elders our planet so desperately needs.

PromoPictureDear Sisters~
I have spent the last 20 years learning and serving my own community. I have quietly done what I could do to alleviate suffering and to build community. Now it is time to bring all that we have learned through our hard work, compassion, bumps and bruises and joyful awakenings to those who would also like to heal.

A teaching from the Ancients tells us that it is the women who create and hold the space that healing happens within. Just as we carry a physical womb, women can weave an external energetic womb and maintain it for entire communities. In fact that is what we do whether we are conscious of it or not. If we are not aware of this then the space we create can be warped, weak or “leaky”. The more aware of this process we become the more we can not only weave a strong web but continue to keep positive energy flowing into it. This process does not cost us or feel hard. In fact it is just the opposite. We enjoy all the benefits as well. It can improve our health in every aspect.

Many of us have awakened to the fact that life is much more than what we experience with our five senses. We are also aware of the shifts and changes happening all around over the face of the entire planet.

Now is a good time to step into a brighter awareness. It is a good time to shed the illusions that we are separate from each other and that we are anything less than one great human family. It is time to include the stones, the animals and the plants in our family and make Earth the home she was meant to be by caring for her in the ways she is meant to be cared for. We begin by caring for ourselves, then our families and communities and it spreads as we heal the world.

I hope you will join us for a weekend of womb dreaming and web weaving.

Many Bright Blessings,

Mary Standing Otter


~More About Sisters In Circles

There is something very special about the work we do within Sisters In Circles. Each weekend is not just a workshop. It is a Rite of Passage.

“The natural feminine way to maturity is through the body. This is essentially what the ancient initiation rites were about. The rites grounded the girl in her own body which was then recognized as part of the feminine cosmos—a vehicle for fertility, the container which made her one with the Goddess, through whom life moved eternally. In our society, however, we have no rites and there are few older women who can initiate us into our own femininity. Most of us, men and women, are unconsciously identified with the masculine principle with little or no consciousness of our own feminine instincts. So we flounder.” ~Marion Woodman

“Coming together in Sisterhood is a spiritual practice, not a religion or a political strategy. Leave those things behind, at least for a time, and step into a primal relationship; one that has existed long before any religious doctrine or party line.
Women in a circle; teaching each other, learning from each other, challenging each other, supporting each other, laughing, crying, telling their stories…
These things are as old as time and Sacred beyond measure.These things create the springboard from which women leap into Life.
These things create the world and can re-create it, again and again.” ~m standing otter

It is common now for people to think of “rites of passage’ as just something that happens at a certain age, like giving a young man his first pocket knife. This is a critical mistake. Rites Of Passage are a profound and life changing process that are essential for the health of a society AND individuals.

Sisters In Circles is meant to take the participants through 4 Rites of Passage experiences.


Workshop #1  Dreaming Gourds and Womb Work

All women carry within them the power to birth. Birth can take the form of a child, a newGourdsCT job or an idea, a painting, a song, a sculpture… It can also take the form of life changes: increased health, abundance, more positive and sustaining relationships, increased self awareness, freedom from critical inner voices. The possibilities are truly endless. Through accessing, celebrating and activating our natural feminine abilities to create we can transform ourselves, our lives and our part of the world from the inside out using many of the same methods our Ancestors used.

This first workshop is a weekend of teachings and experiences designed to help us connect on a deeper level to the alchemical power of our bodies. Partly through the use of Dreaming Gourds: these Gourds are a tool we will make together that are used to help us nurture our Dreams into living realities. The gourds are a mirror of the Womb where all that we create is gestated. The womb, also called The Marriage Basket, is much more than a uterus. Our womb holds a sacred space for physical children but it is also a sacred space for what we call “spirit children”. We will learn to birth these spirit children for the healing of self, life and all others.
*Rite of Passage: Claiming of the body and your natural abilities.
~A weekend of Women’s teachings designed to help us connect on a deeper level to the alchemical power of our bodies to transform and create.
~Key Words for this Weekend: introspection, intuition & transformation



Workshop #2  Heal Yourself, Heal the World


During this weekend you will practice using your heart, womb and soulfire to heal yourself, to heal each other without judgment and to bring healing to the world.

This weekend includes teachings on chakras, chakra reading, energy healing and remote healing. It will also include individual healing work (giving and receiving) and a powerful group ceremony for planetary healing. We will gain understanding of the inter-relatedness of all things and how each individual human can contribute to global peace.

*Rite of Passage: Claiming of our spirit and our responsibility to our tribe or community
~Key Words for this Weekend: love, blessing, compassion & balance



Workshop #3  Mantles and Mirrors


This is a weekend of deep communion with sisters to learn about your Beauty and how you might manifest it in your life and in the world.

Learning about Warriors, Artists, Healers and Visionaries will help us connect to our own wellspring of power. We will also learn the gifts of Mirroring and experience the power and pleasure of being Seen. We will learn about the gifts and responsibilities we carry as women for the healing of the Earth. We will learn about the immense power that exists within sharing Beauty and Responsibility and how it is inherent in Sisterhood

*Rite of Passage: Claiming of our womanhood and self authority~This is a weekend of deep communion with sisters to learn about your Beauty and how you might manifest it in your life and in the world.
~Key Words for this Weekend: foundation, intention, manifestation



Workshop #4  Ceremonial Alchemy: A Recipe for Transformation


This is an advanced weekend of powerful teachings and transformative ceremony.


It will require preparation and physical work. We will be working as a collective so we can all support and help each other. Over the course of the weekend we will learn to make Prayer Ties, build a Medicine Wheel, create a Sacred Fire Circle and take part in powerful healing ceremony of Purification and Initiation. During this weekend we will use all the skills we have been working to bring forward. We will be drawing on our deep inner Knowledge of Creating ceremony. Please contact me privately by email for more information.

*Rite of Passage: Claiming our ability to act as Priestess of our own lives.~This is an advanced 4 days of powerful teachings and transformative ceremony. In order to hold this workshop the majority of workshop participants must have completed the first three to attend or have equivalent experience. Read more on the page dedicated to this workshop.
~Keywords for this weekend are: Purification, Magickal Transformation and Initiation



The richest experience of these weekends results from doing them in the order they are listed 6 to 8 months apart. Completing this series brings you into an existing network of Women’s Circles that are working to heal themselves and the world. These women are therapists, grief counselors, animal health advocates & artists as well as landscapers, house cleaners, graphic designers and more. Each woman touches the lives of many others so that the healing of the Circle spirals out into the community and spreads Light.


How would your life be different if every month, as the moon grew round and pulled her hardest on the tides of your heart, you came together with women willing to be your sisters, willing to walk beside you through all of the wilderness life has to offer?  How might your life change if you knew Your Sisters were there … waiting … and you belonged?


More information is available on each of the workshops by contacting standingotter@yahoo.com or on ‘Sisters In Circles’ on facebook.

All artwork/photos are public domain or propety of Thunderhorse or Lira Smith Photography. Top photo by Madeline Blyveis

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