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flying_hummingbird_by_silencedmckay-d5qp869The world we live in is much more than we have been taught to perceive. Doorways can be opened that clear the way to a larger life. These doorways are yours to pass through if you choose to.


The Hummingbird School is a doorway. It’s name represents the (63)existence of many planes and the ability to move between them. Creating a shift or change in any plane causes shifts and changes in others. Creating a shift or change in any aspect of Self causes shifts and changes in all other aspects. This is Shamanic Healing and through alchemy and ceremony, this is what you can experience. This work will help you to access personal freedom and the truth of Walking a Path With Heart.


Through Ceremony, the Sacred Pipe, the Purification Lodge, Ancient Teachings and other Spiritual Practice we can master our abilities and find, what the Old Ones called, Our Shining. Your Shining is the Beauty within. It is the gift you brought with you into this life to bring you joy and serve others. Our Shining gets hidden beneath old trauma, fear and manufactured belief systems

“The task of the shaman is to set free the energy bound in our stories, in our wounds, and to transform this energy into power and compassion within us, so that we may reclaim our own souls.”  ~Alberto Villoldo


It is important to note that while we use many Native American tools and terms this is not a program of Native American teachings. This is a mixed blood Way. We cultivate Spiritual Practice and are not tied to any religion or organization. The teachings we work with come from many shamanic sources. We are grounded in the elements.

In this school we will learn the truth of the mind, heart, body and spirit and how they work together harmoniously if we allow it.



We learn of the power within surrender,

the freedom within discipline,

the humility within determination,

the strength of vulnerability,

and the

joy of responsibility.


Together, we will create an environment of acceptance, challenge, support, laughter and companionship. We will learn to honor the Walk of ourselves and of each other. We will learn to be a Sacred Witness to the unyielding and relentless power of deep healing and the potential of boundless freedom. 




Hummingbird School is based in a commitment beyond just one weekend’s attendance. Most people study and (66)challenge themselves through Ceremony and efforts to refine their character and cultivate integrity for many years.  This is not Shaman School. It is a Mystery School where you can test yourself to see what your truest dreams are and you can be guided on your own Path to your heart’s desire.

 True Knowledge is a living breathing growing thing. And so, based in the teachings of the Twisted Hairs of the Americas, the Mayans, the Toltecs and other Wisdom Keepers we will each wind our way down our own individual Path in harmony with Sacred Law and within an Alchemy that provides safety, challenge, freedom of individual expression and efficient movement of energy.


The Hummingbird School is space and potential. You will make this journey what it Tishis, breath life into it and infuse it with your vision.

HBS:JHB(Hummingbird School, JHB So. Africa)


Hummingbird School only exists in one place at this time, Johannesburg, So. Africa but the potential exists for more. We are very interested in students who are willing to travel to Michigan 6 times per year to begin a second school and are willing to discuss other locations.

If you are interested in either school or have questions about beginning a school where you live please contact Mary Standing Otter at standingotter@yahoo.com

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