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The Heart of the Light Warrior – An Initiation

The GrandMothers and GrandFathers are gathering to

Welcome you into a Circle of Light.


You are being offered a chance at Initiation.

Since the days of the Ancient Ones, prophecies from many sources have pointed to the time we are living in now.

We stand on the great Rainbow Bridge of Change.

The teachings of the Twisted Hairs talk about The Rainbow Bridge and how Heart Warriors can help humanity cross it into a new world. These Rainbow People are all colors and all lineage pathways. They are what is also known as the Metis or Mixed Bloods.

The Crossing of the Rainbow Bridge requires our energy and our intention as Light Warriors who relentlessly come from the Heart with wisdom, discernment and compassion. These prophecies contain information on how to cross this Bridge and what kind of world we need to build within ourselves to bring us into a time of Great Peace.

Mary Standing Otter blends her gifts as a Ceremonialist, singer and drummer with her own insights on The Tribal Soul within these prophecies. The Tribal Soul is the aspect within us all that Knows how to live together in Peace. This Knowledge is deeply hidden in many fearful people and those of us who can learn to access this Knowing must make a Path of Light for others to follow. The path of the Light Warrior.

The choice to be a Heart Warrior must be deliberate, conscious and honored through Ceremony.

This weekend is for Light Workers of all kinds…healers, teachers, executives, gas station attendants etc.

~It is a time to step fully onto that Path of Light.

~It is a time to find out how we can better work together so we may teach by example.

~It is a time to take on the Mantle of Power that a Light Worker must have.

~It is a time to make vows and be initiated into a nagual (or spirit) circle of others on the same Path. A time to find Your People.

~And perhaps most importantly: It is a time to make yourself known, through Ceremony, to those on the other side that are willing to help us.

We will weave together drumming and singing, guided visualization, Sacred Medicine Pipe Ceremony, Fire healing ceremony and teachings to feed our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits. The weekend will culminate in a Purification and Initiation (Sweat) Lodge.

Over the course of this weekend you will be given the opportunity to make Vows in a sacred and ceremonial manner. Be advised the Universe will hold you to these Vows. You may want to begin to “dream” on them now but trust yourself when the moment comes to make them – they may very well change.

This weekend is an Initiation. The Universe, your Higher Self and Mother Life will ask you to Walk Your Talk when this is done. You will be guided, loved, supported and protected but also held accountable. HOWEVER you will only be held accountable to Sacred Law and the Vows and Intentions you set for yourself.



Through The Lion’s Gate: Living Inside The Medicine Wheel

In the center of your heart is a gateway to your most genuine self. It is the task of each us to walk through that gate and Become Ourselves. This Heart Path often takes great courage and in fact has been referred to ‘as the great gut walk’ by Elders because it requires both bravery and deep self honesty.

This is a weekend of teachings surrounding what it means to truly live with integrity, authenticity and deep joy. The Lion’s Gate refers to the Heart Path into a peaceful and genuine life focused on Spirit and healing for Self, Life and the Collective. We will learn about the 10 steps on the Path, the Virtues of the Warrior and other teachings of Power and Beauty.

We will build a Medicine Wheel together and do as much of our work inside the wheel as possible. There will be a Purification Lodge on Saturday night.


1f5e4cd533d79de229bbb8fef3558380The Turning of the Wheel: Medicine Wheel Teachings

A Medicine Wheel is much more than a circle of stones. It is a living thing, a holographic image of Life. We will learn about many medicine wheels and how they apply to help us turn the wheels of our lives and see the ways they interlock with other wheels.
Together we will learn how they work in our lives. We will experience them as living, changing, growing teachers of how to create peace and harmony in the world during this time of very great opportunity for change.

These Wheels are born from the lineage of the Mayan and Toltec people and while core aspects of these Wheels are timeless they have been allowed to grow and adapted to our present over thousands of years to continually meet the needs of The People. Join us to learn how to bring them to Light and Life in your world!


All artwork is either credited or public domain.




(Please Note: These are NOT traditional Native American ceremony)

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