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EagleHeart Farm

Eagleheart Farm is 16 acres of woods and meadow in rural Michigan.


The Story

When John Star Eagle and I first found this land it was covered in trash. Garbage had been dumped all over the place and left to scatter. There were about 60 old cars, campers and other vehicles and two piles of concrete and asphalt. It was a mess. It took 3 years and the help of many good friends of the earth to get the garbage off the land. We spent hours picking up shattered8122_103545292993307_7670406_n glass and plastic by hand and dealing with oil spots on the ground. We could not believe all the scrap metal and garbage we found! The land continued to “belch” up garbage every spring for about 6-8 years. The good news: no farming chemicals!


Over the years we have raised chickens, cows, herbs, vegetables, flowers and a few fruit trees. The “back meadow” (pictured) has been rehabilitated by planting several years of grasses, plowing them under to enrich the soil and replanting. Now it is a meadow of wild grass and flowers.


The Dream

Eagleheart Farm has become a place where the Heart of Spiritual practice can come alive and people can learn to work and live together with respect, kindness and humor.


From September through May we hold Purification Lodge Ceremony here, and it is the ‘home’ for Otter Lodge and our other groups.1013112_662174963797001_1313628379_n


We maintain some ceremonial space on the land and would like to have much more. We have plans for small campsites, a ceremonial arbor in the back 8122_103545352993301_8324560_nmeadow, walking trails and more purification Lodges. We would also like to build a small cottage for ourselves and allow the six bedroom house to become guest quarters and community center


Daytime outdoor gatherings can take place here now!

Contact us at standingotter@yahoo.com for details


A great deal of safe and Sacred Ceremony has been held on this land in the last 12 years and we will be holding more and more ceremony here in the years to come and continue to heal and develop the land in a way that honors all Beings and creates a space for community, respite from city pressures and Ceremony. We hope to bring alive a spiritual home for Thunderhorse Community and offer this land as a place where gatherings can be held.


We have many dreams for this land and hope that many other people will choose to be a part of this journey. We will have to raise funds for these improvements and additions. You may donate directly, take part in our 8122_103545299659973_218013_ngatherings or SPONSOR A WORKSHOP anywhere in the world. We welcome labor as a gift or as barter.



Apr14 / 14


Dear Friends~


SPRING has finally arrived! So it is time for the Summer Schedule.


We are adding some new things over the summer and restructuring the way we gather and do our Lodges for Fall.


We no longer live in concentrated areas where we see each other every day and share the workloads and blessings of our lives due to necessity. Now, building community takes conscious choice. We would like very much to offer our space, away from city noise and traffic, to be place for gathering, for honoring seasons, for connecting with each other and for simple peace.


Please join us for community Sundays when we will be gathering for SpiritTalk at 3PM and Sunday Drummers at 6PM. These are both family events so we hope to see your whole family and encourage you to bring friends. This will take place every other Sunday.


We will also be holding a Ceremonial Night once per month beginning in June. We will be doing a different Ceremony each time. These gatherings will be for adults unless otherwise noted in the reminder I will be sending out.


Please join us. Find connection and shared strength in the commitment to Life that we all share.


Much Love and Many Blessings,





18 – 3-8PM Spirit Circle & Sunday Drummers

22 – possible final Lodge of the season

23 – willow gathering in Jenison, time TBA

24 – Lodge building 12noon – 8pm



1 – 3-8PM Spirit Circle & Sunday Drummers

15 – 3-8PM Spirit Circle & Sunday Drummers

21 – Summer Solstice Ceremony (Ceremonial Night) 8PM

29 – 3-8PM Spirit Circle & Sunday Drummers



13 – 3-8PM Spirit Circle & Sunday Drummers

26 – Community Ceremonial Night 8PM

27 – 3-8PM Spirit Circle & Sunday Drummers



10 – 3-8PM Spirit Circle & Sunday Drummers

23 – Community Ceremonial Night 8PM

24 – 3-8PM Spirit Circle & Sunday Drummers

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