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Eagle Spirit Dance

971352_820913751256454_343944521015159240_nThe EAGLE SPIRIT DANCE is a day for dancing, visions and celebration. It is a place for people to come together and experience community.

We will have need for Dancers, Singers, Kitchen Helpers, Guardians & Purification Lodge helpers. We will all work together to build an Arbor and make a Sacred Space for Dance, Prayer and Celebration.

We will have a time for Purification Ceremonies (sweat lodges), guided meditations, blessing of children, giving back to the land and much more…

This is a FULL 3 day commitment to living a fuller and brighter LIFE.

We begin this community gathering with a session of greeting on Thursday evening at 7pm. We will then work together to prepare the dance arbor for ceremony and the kitchen for feeding ourselves. There will be a Purification Lodge on Friday evening and the Dance will begin at dawn on Saturday with a Sacred Medicine Pipe Ceremony. We will Dance the day away, sharing our songs and prayers and seeking vision from dawn until dusk. No food or water will be taken by the Dancers from Dusk on Friday until the end of the Dance on Saturday (exceptions made for medical conditions and pregnancy).  There will be a water ceremony at noon presented by children and we will have a chance to dance and sing and bless the children as well.shield2

On Saturday night we feast! On Sunday we will clean, care for the land, plant a new tree and gather for final Give Away Ceremony and sharing.

This dance requires preparation by all participants. Please sign up early so you can begin. The preparation is a powerful part of the ceremony and readies your spirit for Dancing or for working as Crew! All participants are required to stay on the land from beginning to end.shield1

In this Dance we all Dance together while we honor each individual person’s voice, song and spirit walk or Path. We join together as a community of honest, compassionate individuals. We are in a time when personal healing can be accelerated and more and more of us will be able to Dance for the Collective as well as ourselves.


A Medicine Dance is a very powerful Ceremony. There is much more to say and I will be posting more information and photos soon. (Please note: these photos are all from before or after ceremony. Pictures are never taken during ceremony.)

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