A Global Community

THUNDERHORSE – Creating Global Community

Horse1All over the world people are awakening to the power and beauty of Earth based Ceremony and Celebration. We are remembering who we are.We are healing ourselves and our relationships with others and we are attempting to weave the world in new ways of connection and balanced interdependence. We are recreating true communities or Tribe.

“It is not enough to use facebook or twitter to try and build true connections. We need to relearn how to live together in local communities and use social media to for help, support, and connections between communities.

Mary Standing Otter is a guide in this process through Ceremony, Healing Work, Workshops, and music

BioPickShe is a medicine woman and ceremonial alchemist in The Medicine Wheel Way of the Twisted Hairs, has walked this Path for over 25 years and has crossed through her Rite Of Passage as an Elder. Mary travels the world helping to create communities, spirit dances, ceremonies and workshops rooted in spiritual integrity and personal empowerment.


She is a Sacred Pipe Carrier and Purification Lodge Chief. As a Healer and Dreamer, Mary’s focus is on creating strong and sacred space for the healing and growth that happens in the teachings and ceremony she shares.

Her work is designed to help each person learn to heal themselves and become centered, loving, responsible Beings who help rebuild community through the reclamation of ceremony and spiritual connection.


Dear Friends~

In the last few years I have been traveling: planting ‘spirit’ seeds, starting a school and nurturing communities and women’s circles. We are forming a global community through the connection of our similar experiences and visions for ourselves, our lives and our Grandmother planet.

This website provides a guide to the work I offer to you. Workshops, Dances and other Ceremonies can be sponsored anywhere.

This page and our facebook page are wonderful ways to connect but nothing takes the place of being together in the very huggable, touchable, see-able flesh so please consider setting up Workshops, Ceremonies, sponsoring a Dance or beginning a Sisterhood Circle in your area. I will be happy to travel.”

I have met so many wonderful people both online and in person in the last few years. It keeps me hopeful and helps me continue to grow and face beautiful and terrifying changes in the best of ways. Thank you all for including me in your journeys in whatever way you have done so. It is always my honor to be part of the lives of other courageous souls.

As I write this, a woodpecker is tapping on my window. “Wake up” he says to all of us, “Wake up and remember who you are!”

Many Bright Blessings,

Mary Standing Otter


We all Belong. We belong to ourselves, to each other, to this Earth and to the Dream our Soul carries for us.